Security Guard Service Providers,

Manage your employee timesheet submissions with ease

TIMETRI is a timesheet management platform tailored as a multi-client, multi-site time tracker, giving you an easy way to handle payroll and keep track of your employee hours.

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Collect entries without the clutter.

Paperwork is messy. Receive employee timesheets submitted on the go, weekly or bi-weekly. Keep your entries organized by Client and Site serviced. Capture a signature to improve accuracy.

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Smart entries

Open a timesheet, add entries daily or all at once at the end of the week. Submitted whenever you're ready.

Predefined work-week

Start your work-week period however you like. Bundle weekly entries into a single timesheet submission.

Signed off

Collect signature with predefined legal waiver upon every submission, legally protecting your organization.

Manage employees and timesheets

Create and manage your employees. Set frequency for timesheet submission. Review and approve timesheets.

Clients and sites

Create and manage your clients and their respective sites. Set client and site status and renewal dates, view corresponding timesheets, etc.

Collect signatures

Get employees to sign off on their timesheets. Get piece of mind with Legal and HR requirements.

Simple Pricing

14 day free trial. No credit card required.


  • Unlimited Employees

  • Unlimited Clients & Sites

  • Unlimited Timesheets & Timeclocks

  • Unlimited Reports


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Manage your employee timesheets with ease

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Making it easy to manage timesheets for security organizations.
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