Managing your account

Learn about the features TIMETRI offers your Organization

As soon as you create a TIMETRI Organization Account, you can begin to create User Accounts. Your Organization Account will manage timesheets, users, clients, sites, and billing.

Creating and managing users

Manage user profile and timesheets

The User is an entity within TIMETRI. Create a User for every employee in your Organization. After creating a User, your employees will be able to sign-in and complete activating their User account.

You can create and manage Users in the TIMETRI Dashboard. When creating a new User, you can set basic information such as Name, Phone Number, and Status.

On the Users page you can also:

  • View all Users
  • Edit a User
  • Delete a User

Creating and managing clients

Manage client profile and sites

The Client is an entity within TIMETRI. Create a Client for every client your Organization renders services to. After creating a Client, you’ll be able to create and configure Sites associated with your Client.

You can create and manage Clients in the TIMETRI Dashboard. When creating a new Client, you can set basic information such as Business Name, Contact Name, Address, Email, and Description.

On the Clients page you can also:

  • View all Clients
  • Edit a Client
  • Delete a Client

Creating and managing sites

Manage site profile and timesheets

The Site is an sub-entity within TIMETRI. Create a Site for every site/location your Organization services for each Client you have.

You can create and manage Sites under Clients page. When creating a new Site, you can set basic information such as Name and Address.

On the Sites page you can also:

  • View all Sites
  • Edit a Site
  • Delete a Site

Plans and billing

Manage account plan and billing status

Billing is determined on your selected TIMETRI Subscription Plan. Your monthly billing amount is based on active Users within each subscription billing cycle.

A subscription’s billing date is determined by when the subscription was created. If a trial period is used, then the billing date starts at the date the trial ends.

If a month does not have billing date matching when it was created, the subscription will be billed on the last day of the month.

TIMETRI mobile app

User signin and timesheet submission on iOS and Android devices

A subscription’s billing date is determined by when the subscription was created. If a trial period is used, then the billing date starts at the date the trial ends.


Created by Users, submitted to and reviewed by the Organization

Users can create Timesheets through TIMETRI mobile app.

Creating a new timesheet

Users create a new Timesheet by selecting a workweek period. A workweek is a 7 day period established by the Organization under the Organizations Account preferences. It can start on any day of the week.

Timesheets be saved and completed at a later time. Only one instance of the workweek period can exist and be saved for later submission. Once a timesheet is submitted, that workweek period will no longer be selectable for the User to resubmit.

Creating a new entry

Each timesheet entry consists of the following:

  • Client
  • Site
  • Date & Time clock-in
  • Date & Time clock-out

The Clients and Sites are determined by the Organization and can not be edited by the User.

Selecting date and time is sterilized for the User, where the User can not select a clock-out date/time that is earlier than the clock-in date/time. The total hours for a timesheet entry can not exceed more than 24 hours.

Submitting timesheets

Timesheets are intended to be submitted once during a workweek, towards the end of the workweek.

Each timesheet submission consists of the following:

  • Entry or multiple entries
  • Legal Agreement
  • Signature

Users are to read and acknowledge the legal agreement defined by the Organization prior to submitting their Timesheet.

Users are to provide a signature when submitting their Timesheet.

Collecting signatures

Signatures are collected upon every timesheet submission. Users provide their signature to verify that their timesheet submission is accurate.

The Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA) defines eSignatures (also known as electronic signatures) as such:

“an electronic sound, symbol or process that is attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.”

TIMETRI verifies the authenticity of the Users Timesheet submission based on the following:

  • Identity (using varying digital ‘fingerprints’)
  • Intention and actions to sign
  • Association of signature with timesheet submission

Digital ID

Assigned by Organizational Admins, confirmed and received by Users

Admins can choose which Users will be assigned a Digital ID.

What is a Digital ID

Digital IDs behave the same way physical card IDs work. They are created, signed for by both parties, verified publically through TIMETRI, may be revoked at any time, and expire without renewals. A digital ID must be revoked and a new one assigned to update the card.

Assigning a Digital ID

Admins can begin the Digital ID assignment when viewing a Users profile. Digital IDs can have an employee image, which can be added from the Dashboard or left empty to be added by the User.

The Organization must have an Organizational License added in their settings, such as an agency license.

Creating a new User account requires a license number and the license numbers expiration date. This can be updated at any given moment, but an existing Digital ID must be revoked and assigned again if you want to see those changes on the Digital ID.

Revoking a Digital ID

Admins can revoke a Users Digital ID from the Dashboard while viewing a Users profile. Revoking the Digital ID instantly removes it from the Users mobile app.

Verifying a Digital ID

Digital IDs can be verified two ways. The first is scanning the QR code on the Digital ID screen found on the Users app, which opens up TIMETRIs online ID verification tool. The second is to visit and enter the unique code associated with the Users Digital ID.

The online ID verification tool returns the following results:

  • ID Validation (yes or not)
  • Organization the ID belongs to
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